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By at 25 July, 2005, 7:22 pm

I’m always on the lookout for useful utilities. Utilities that can provide information on my computer and it’s critical statistics and processes are especially useful. Overall, I’m happy with Win XP Pro and it’s ability to provide information on system resources, networking information and more. The biggest drawback is that XP often buries this information in different locations and often it is difficult to a) locate and b) interpret. Sites such as Sysinterals provides many different utilities to check threads and processes, networking, system information and more. There are also add-ons like SmartBar XP project that per its website:

SmartBarXP is a bar that runs down the side of your screen, and can be configured to display interactive panels known as ‘panes’.” Panes included information on processes and networking as well as others. However, it took up a lot of screen space and I finally turned it off after a while as just being to annoying. It now also appears that the project is dead per the latest posting on the site.

Even before coming across SmartBar XP, I found a utility called CoolMon.t The description of this utility from its site states:

CoolMon is a program for monitoring vital system stats and almost anything else you wish to display on the desktop. It can also display stats from remote pc’s and publish real-time stats on a webpage. The application can display CPU, RAM and page file usage, hard drive usage, MotherBoard Monitor temperatures and fan speeds, various network stats and much, much more.

The real beauty of CoolMon 1 (CoolMon 2 is out in Alpha Release and is an entirely new program), is that it’s rather innocuous, displays just the right amount of information and works!

The CoolMon window sits at the lower right corner of my desktop and displays the information that I opted to have it show, including Processor percentage, run time, RAM used, IP address and my CPU and internal case temperatures. I opted for a white background so it is easy to see. Here’s an image of my CoolMon window:

CoolMon Window

Per the CoolMon website, some of the extensions available include:

• Motherboard Monitor temperature and fan speeds
• the song currently playing in Winamp
• Mails on a POP3 server
• Weather data from
• A computers external IP (for users behind a router)
• various SETI stats

For a full list of extension, you need to visit the extension page

I give this utility a thumbs up for usefulness.

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Aaangel July 4, 2006

Nice words , we apprieceate it 🙂

Just a small addition on the original content, Beta version of CoolMon 2 is now released.

Aaangel [Lead Programmer]

Elly April 11, 2011

QxIlSQ BION I’m impressed! Cool post!

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