Saying GoodBye to Private Practice.

By at 12 October, 2005, 7:03 pm

Well, after 15 years of solo practice, I’m leaving private practice to accept the position of Practice Management Adviser to the State Bar of Wisconsin. Private practice has been a challenge and I’ve had some terrific clients over the years. I find myself at a point that I never thought I would be – leaving my practice, but I’m finding out that change can be a good thing. I am also maintaining my Illinois license in addition to obtaining my Wisconsin law license.

As this is a brand new position, I have the opportunity to mold it into a creature of my own making which will be interesting and present new challenges that I am ready to meet. I look forward to working with Jim Calloway, Reid Trautz and the other PMA’s over the next few years to make the Wisconsin Law Office Management Assistance Program truly outstanding in providing services to Wisconsin lawyers. It will also allow me to spend more time focusing on the needs of lawyers and to work on my blog.

Part of my new position requires me to maintain and improve my various technology certifications so that I can deliver assistance in the latest legal technology to Wisconsin lawyers.

Anyways, I’m only going to be moving by about 70 miles from where my office is currently located and I refuse to wear foam cheese on my head. Go Bears!

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Bob Kraft October 23, 2005

Nerino, I’m obviously behind on my reading, and just now saw this notice. Congratulations on being selected for this important position. You will certainly be joining some excellent people who have this same job with other state bar associations.

I wish you all the best, and look forward to your insights and suggestions.

Bob Kraft

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