I'll have BlackBerry with my Treo

By at 19 October, 2005, 11:45 am

Research In Motion, Ltd. (RIM), makers of the popular BlackBerry series of handheld devices, is anticipated to shortly announce that its push e-mail technology will be available on the Treo 650 early in 2006.

There has been an ongoing debate over which is better: Treo 650 or a BlackBerry. Each device has its strengths and weaknesses, but there is no doubt that the push e-mail feature is loved by BlackBerry users and many Treo users covet this capability. Now it appears that you can have BlackBerry with your Treo!

According to a recent Macworld article

Palm will implement the BlackBerry software alongside its Versamail e-mail client in order to keep a familiar look-and-feel in place for Palm OS users, said Joe Fabris, director of wireless marketing for Palm. Treo 650s with the BlackBerry software will be able to access e-mail delivered by Microsoft Corp.’s Exchange or IBM Corp.’s Lotus Domino e-mail servers.

Personally, I’ve been very happy with my Treo 650 and SnapperMail for email usage, but I use pop based email accounts. I also prefer the phone functions of the Treo to the BlackBerry models I’ve considered. It will also be interesting to see how this shapes up as Palm already has an agreement with BlackBerry competitor Good Technology, Inc. and its Goodlink software.

In the long run, this will probably be a win for both Palm and BlackBerry, giving users the best of both worlds.

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