It’s the Little Things that Help.

By at 27 October, 2005, 2:33 pm

Jim Calloway posted about Bookmarklets recently in his blawg . Bookmarklets are simple java scripts that expand the inherent capabilities of a web browser. These are really geared towards users of Internet Explorer as Firefox has fulfilled this need with Extensions that expand and enhance the capabilities of the FireFox browser.

Like, Jim, I love TinyURL. Jeremy Gillick has created TinyURL Creator as a FireFox extension that lets you easily create a TinyURL from a current webpage. This tool can be accessed from the Tools menu in FireFox or added as an Icon on the Toolbar. Jeremy has also created extensions for generating Secure Passwords with his SecurePassword Generator 0.5 as well as others. Even more Extensions can be found at the mozilla organization update site for FireFox.

The FireFox update site is loaded with hundreds of Extensions so you have to search for what you are looking for, but they provide catagories including it’s Most Popular and Newest FireFox Extensions lists. Several of my favorites include IE View which allows you to open incompatible web sites in Internet Explorer from within FireFox and Print It! which allows you to use Print Preview and Print from the context menu.
When you’re using a web browser and wish that it would work a certain way, it may already exist, you just need to find the right add-on to accomplish it.

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