The Command Line is Dead – Long Live the Command Line!

By at 15 February, 2006, 10:57 am

There are times that using the command line are faster than trying to use a GUI. I especially like using the command line for dealing with network connectivity issues. Using the ipconfig command and its switches is fast and convenient. However, over the years commands have changed from the days of DOS, but Micros0ft has actually provided useful information on commands available in Windows XP here.

You can click on the letter of the alphabet the command starts with or scroll down through the list of commands. Clicking on the command name takes you to an information screen with the syntax, parameters, remarks and examples.

In addition to commands, there is a link to the more than 40 Windows Support Tools that are included on the WinXP CD.

For reference information check out the Command Line Reference page containing additional links.

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