Ideas on Organizing Your Paper Files

By at 28 February, 2006, 8:33 am

Making improvements in your file organization don’t have to be major undertakings or require huge outlays of cash. Often a very simple, low cost solution exists that can make a big difference in finding specific documents in a file.

While many people use divided folders and place the variuos document types on their own tabs, a large majority of lawyers still place everything in their files in chronological order. For those documents that you generate internally such as memorandums to the file, notes and correspondence, you can make locating your own work product much easier by simply using colored paper when printing the file copies of these documents.

You can use one color, such as yellow, for memorandums and notes and another for the copies of correspondence you send such as pink or blue. You can purchase reams of colored copy paper at your office supply store. Select colors that make sense to you and your staff. Don’t go overboard and try to color coordinate every document – remember less is more.

The ultimate goal is to make locating documents within the file folder easier and quicker.

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