Making Changes to Word Standard Toolbars

By at 16 March, 2006, 8:01 am

One of the irritating things about MS Word is figuring out how to make changes to the Standard Toolbars and making those changes permanent or how to fix changes made by programs such as Adobe Acrobat and it’s addition to the Toolbar.

Remember that Word buries its settings in the file, so this is where all of your settings for Standard Toolbars, margins, etc. reside for your new, blank documents. To make changes stick to your toolbar, do the following:

Right Click on the toolbar to open the Toolbar drop down list.

Left click Customize on the bottom to open the Customize window.

Select the Toolbars tab and select or de-select the toolbars you want to have appear each time you start a new Word document.

Click the Reset Tab on the left of the Window and make sure that you’re making the changes to

Click OK and then Close.

Voila, you’ve now made changes which are saved to the Standard Toolbar.

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