Borrow bandwidth, Go To Jail

By at 24 March, 2006, 8:11 am

Checking out this morning and what do I find but a link to a story from arstechnia about how a young lad fell afoul of the law by helping himself to wireless bandwidth. Not just any bandwidth mind you, but that of a non-profit agency. Imagine my surprise when I read the story and the quote from my hometown's very own State's Attorney Paul Logli. It turns out that this took place in my home town and was prosecuted in the very courts in which hallways and courtrooms I practiced. Nothing like being on the cutting edge of prosecution.
In all seriousness, I don't buy the argument that it's the person who fails to secure the wireless access point fault. That's like saying I left my car running with the window down while I went into get a six pack at the c-store and someone took that as a indication that I meant for them to borrow my car. While I may be an idiot for doing this, it doesn't excuse the person who took advantage of the situation. Food for thought this weekend.
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