Adobe Acrobat 8: Is there a Reason to Upgrade?

By at 26 September, 2006, 8:13 am

Adobe has announced the pending release of Acrobat 8, but the question remains is it worth the upgrade?  There's long been a debate whether Acrobat standard was sufficient or if attorneys needed to use the professional version; however, it appears this debate may be over as the new features that will interest lawyers the most will only be available in the professional edition.

Adobe details the upgrades for legal professionals on its website here.  According to Adobe, the features that relate to the legal profession include:

    * Permanently remove sensitive information (redaction)

    * Metadata removal

    * Built-in support for Bates numbering

    * Enable forms saving in Adobe Reader 8 and auto-recognize form fields

    * New, intuitive user interface

    * Combine multiple files into one PDF package

    * True batch printing

    * Support for PDF/A archiving standard

    * Archive Lotus Notes e-mail

    * Manage shared reviews

    * Faster Adobe PDF creation and rendering

    * Improved OCR engine

These improvements will not be available in the standard edition apparently.  Adobe does provide a side-by-side comparison chart of the Acrobat family of products here.

While Adobe Acrobat 8 is not yet shipping, the Adobe website shows that you can pre-order with upgrade pricing for Acrobat 8 Professional set at $159.00. The bottom line is that this is a good price to upgrade to Professional with features such as Bates numbering that you previously had to purchase from a third party: I think that it will be worth the price to upgrade.

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