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By at 12 November, 2006, 6:52 pm

As we see more and more consolidation in the software industry, with Microsoft continuing to move through the software marketplace like an unstoppable juggernaut while adding features to its core software typically handled by other products, we again need to ask ourselves is there a place for simple programs that may only do one thing? to me, the answer to this question is still yes.

I think it's critical to this question to define what exactly I'm talking about.  Generally, I like to break computer software down into 3 broad categories of software:

1) Operating Systems (OS) 2) Applications (including the "Big 3" program types i.e. word processing, case/matter management, time and billing) and 3) Utilities. The OS is the engine that drives the computer.  Applications are the tires, steering, seats and basic things that let you harness and use the OS engine. The difference between the basic model and the sports car is often times the "extras", those things that make driving so much more enjoyable. Many times, a simple, single purpose program can make working on a computer much easier then navigating the morass of OS or application features, even though the OS or Application software may include utility programs to simplify operations.

I generally classify utility programs as follows: a utility program is a small useful program with limited capability. It is often difficult to classify and may be included as part of a larger software package or may be a stand alone program. Utility programs may offer services in addition to those offered by your Operating System or may provide completely autonomous functions and services such as spell checking, data back-up, indexing and full text searching and more. The Bottom line – a utility program is a program that makes your life easier by providing an easier or more efficient way for you to accomplish a task at a reasonable cost when weighed against the expense of achieving the same results without it.  One such utility is Alt- tab Thingy

Alt- tab Thingy is a free replacement for Microsoft Windows Alt Tab key commendation for moving between open programs and windows.  While the basic capabilities built- into the Windows OS are adequate, Alt-tab Thingy supercharges the basic capabilities found in Windows and gives you much more accurate and user-friendly control over the process of switching between open programs and windows.

As shown here, you can opt for a much larger screenshot view

 Alt tab Thingy Screenshot view

 or a detailed list with associated screen image making it much easier to navigate using the Alt and Tab keys.


In addition, you can also have a program provide a small screenshot of the programs currently opened in the Windows taskbar.

Changes to the settings are made from the settings window which contains tabs and clearly delineated choices on each of them for program options as shown here:


 Alt Tab Thingy Controls

Alt Tab Thingy is a definite improvement to Windows own Alt Tab window switching and for the price, it can't be beat.

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