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By at 2 March, 2007, 9:59 am

One of the problems I face is trying to determine which weblogs to read on a regular basis and I'm always looking for new and interesting blogs on topics that are of interest to me.  Most bloggers keep their "blog rolls"  of links to blogs they find interesting and useful and to serve as references to their readers to explore. I recently added several new links to my blog roll and strongly recommend them to you for review.

Ross Ipsa   The blog of my friend and legal technologist,  Ross Kodner, of Microlaw, Inc. Ross is never bashful and always has something useful or interesting on his blog.

The Connected Lawyer   This is the blog of Bryan Sims, an Illinois attorney, friend and fellow member of the Illinois State Bar Association Committee on Legal Technology (CoLT).  Brian's blog has helpful information on mobile technology as well as legal and nonlegal hardware and software.

WisBlawg   The blog of Bonnie Schucha (whom I first met at Blawgthink 2005) at the University of Wisconsin Law Library. Bonnie always provides useful tips and information on legal research and Internet news for her readers.

inter alia  inter alia is the weblog of Tom Mighell. Tom's blog has a wealth of information and links that are of interest to any lawyer.  Tom is actively involved in the ABA Tech show and has presented on numerous topics throughout the country.

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Bryan March 2, 2007

Thanks for the link.

Bryan March 2, 2007

Thanks for the link.

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