Will lightning strike twice? Corel hopes that WordPerfect Lightning will help it stave off both Google and Microsoft.

By at 9 March, 2007, 10:42 am

On February 27, 2007 Corel Corp. released a beta of WordPerfect Lightning without much fanfare.  Facing a major challenge to stay relevant to business users, Corel has thrown its hat into the ring of Web 2.0 and desktop applications with a hybrid approach that combines both desktop and web-based functions including the ability to collaborate between different users.

Joe Wilcox of eWeek’s Microsoft Watch in his 'Will Lightning Strike Google and Microsoft?' Article, succinctly lays out what Corel hopes to achieve with this product and how it is avoiding some of the issues that have been problems for other companies that have tried to provide free web-based services without cutting into their profit making products.

You can go here to find the official WordPerfect Lightning webpages.

Consisting of four parts: ‘Navigator', ‘Notes', 'Connector', and ‘Viewer', Lighting seems to be intended to act as a bridge between the desktop application found in WordPerfect suite of office products and online collaboration and access the information such as calendar entries, e-mail and notes. According to the frequently asked questions page for the product:

Corel WordPerfect Lightning is a new kind of free word processing and note-taking software from Corel that fills a gap between today's existing desktop and Web-based productivity tools.

Corel WordPerfect Lightning provides a simple set of tools that make it fast and easy to perform your most common productivity tasks. WordPerfect Lightning makes it easier than ever before to capture, use and reuse the ideas, information and images that are important to you.

Use it to capture your notes, read documents, easily collect information and images, and create, edit and collaborate on a wide variety of document types. You can even use WordPerfect Lightning as a fast and simple organizer for all your ideas and documents. It's like a word processor, notebook, whiteboard and filing cabinet wrapped into one.

In addition to the ‘Notes' feature, you also have the ability to perform screen captures and save them with Notes for use in other documents. It's online tools (the “Connector” feature) includes an address book, e-mail and calendar, which are provided through its partner Joyent .

Whether this is another case of "too little, too late" or will move Corel to a leading position in the new environment of Web and desktop collaboration is unclear at this time. However, it is an interesting attempt at identifying a niche not currently served by either Google or Microsoft.

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