The Shapes of our mailings – The Next Postal Increase and its Hidden Costs.

By at 13 April, 2007, 9:58 am

One of the costs of doing business that lawyer’s face every day is the cost of postage for coandmmunications with clients, courts and other attorneys.  Any increase in postal fees is never a good thing and it appears that the upcoming increase due on May 14, 2007 has some hidden “gotchas” that most may not be aware of.  My good friend Ellen Freedman in Pennsylvania writes in her blog:

This is probably one of the most under-reported events I have experienced in recent years, particularly when it may result in an increase in postage costs of as much as 50% overall to an uneducated law firm. We’re not talking about just an increase of 2¢ per letter. We’re talking about a whole new labor-intensive mailing process, and some significant price increases in actual postage for the bulk of mail which is sent by a law firm. In fact, for most firms the most significant price increases aren’t even on the radar screen.

It seems that the US Postal Service is going to start considering other factors in addition to weight when determining the cost to send a letter or other package.  This new initiative is called Shaped–Based pricing and Ellen links to this site which provides numerous examples of the changes and the costs associated with them that will take effect.

I strongly urge you to read Ellen's entire post and to consider the impact this new initiative will have on your current mailing practices.

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