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By at 2 May, 2007, 10:36 am

It’s hard to stay current on the latest Tips & Tricks for Windows, MS Office, security best practices as well as handy add-ons and other useful information; that’s where TechRepublic comes into play.

A part of CNET Networks, Inc. (which also runs the consumer friendly, TechRepublic is more power user and technician oriented and claims to have over 25,000 articles which I have no reason to doubt. According to TechRepublic’s Executive Editor, Jason Hiner:

Since the site launched in 1999, TechRepublic has been publishing articles that help IT professionals set up critical technologies, solve common technical problems, and get up to speed on the conventional wisdom of managing IT. Some the most popular series of articles include "How do I …" and "10 things."

This doesn’t mean that only IT staff can find useful information: just about anyone can find useful information on TechRepublic or in one of its many email newsletters. Today’s features include How do I… Archive Outlook e-mail without a PST file? ,  Use Word 2007's options to change your default document folder , Nine VoIP add-ins that help boost productivity and Windows XP Network Troubleshooting Power Checklist. You can find articles, whitepapers and downloads on the site and many of them are free (a registration is required). While the majority of information is free, there is some content that requires purchase including some of the checklists; however, even these are reasonably priced and have proven useful to me over the years that I have subscribed to TechRepublic.

If you would like to learn more about the technology that you use on a daily basis and how to tweak your computers and hardware for better performance and security, then check out TechRepublic.  

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