There’s no such thing as a Mac Tablet Computer, is there?

By at 21 May, 2007, 4:05 pm

I'm not one of those people who thinks that Bill Gates and Microsoft are the worst thing to happen to our society since the Black plague. This doesn't mean that I'm happy with many of the business practices undertaken by Microsoft or its attempts to prevent competition in many arenas. However, there are somethings that Microsoft is done well in the fact is they capitalized on the personal computer market. By the same token, I don't dislike Apple or its computer products and have always thought that they have held a niche in certain areas of the computing world. As I primarily look at things from a legal perspective, quite simply, there were just more programs available for a Microsoft Windows computing platform than there were for Apple. Until the recent adoption by Apple of the Intel family of processors and the introduction of Bootcamp and Parallels, solutions to allow you to run Windows-based programs on Apple Computer were not an option. But that's all changed.

I keep toying with the idea of purchasing a tablet PC, more particularly a "Slate" version without a keyboard but haven't been overly impressed with the offerings in the PC world for these types of computers. I've also thought that it would be helpful to have a Mac book so I could start familiarizing myself with the world of Apple computers to more intelligently answer questions from those attorneys who use them in their offices. My one big complaint with Steve Job's and Apple has always been a stranglehold they've placed on the computer hardware. I like to tinker with my computer hardware and upgraded as I feel is necessary: this is difficult to do with most Apple Computer's. In fact, I've always joked that you can have your Apple Computer any way you wanted it as long as it's the way Steve Job's wants to sell it to you. This is carried over into the lack of a Mac tablet computer and Apple has not expressed any interest in this market especially since tablet PCs do not currently have a large market share. But leave it to private industry to step in where Apple has failed to tread.

I was doing my daily check of Daily Rotation when I came across the following link from ars technica. It appears that the folks at Axiotron, Inc. have decided to fill a market niche that Apple hasn't: a tablet computer built around the Mac operating system and hardware.

Named the Axiotron ModBook(tm) – The One and Only TabletMac ™, the engineers at Axiotron have created a union between an Apple Macbook and cutting-edge digitizer hardware from Wacom to create the world's first mass-market Apple tablet computer. has an article and a terrific video highlighting the preproduction model here  . All I can say is WOW!

Running Intel Core 2 Dual processors, up to 3 GB of memory, built-in Wacom digitizer with up to 512 levels of pressure sensitivity, built in iSight camera and optional GPS, I get almost giddy at the possibilities of this computer when joined with Parallels and Windows software applications. Currently, the ModBook is only available OWC (Other World Computing). However, this customization does come at a price: the base model starts at $2279 and quickly can exceed $2500. For those who have to be on the cutting edge of technology, this seems like a small price to pay. My current dilemma is trying to justify this expense. However, the current systems available for slate PC based tablets that are comparably equipped are not exactly inexpensive either.

For now, this is one item going on my "wish list".

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