Foonberg's Rule on Getting Paid

By at 30 May, 2007, 2:08 pm

One of those ongoing questions that new lawyers ask (and even some “old” lawyers) is how to get paid. While there are a number of methods and suggestions that can be found in books, magazines and from me and other practice management advisors, sometimes it’s the sage advice that has the most impact.

Jay Foonberg literally “wrote the book” on building a law practice and his “How to Start and Build a Law Practice” is now on its fifth edition and is packed full of helpful advice. I tell all new lawyers looking to open their own practice to read this book. While I may not agree with everything in it, it is still a valuable resource for getting started. Jay has other books, but seeing is believing with Jay; if you’ve ever attended one of his speaking engagements you understand that he can be entertaining while sharing his knowledge and unique outlook on the practice of law. So spend 2 minutes and check out Jay conveying Foonberg's Rule Cash Up Front here on YouTube. You won’t be disappointed and may learn something about getting paid in the process.

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