What Everybody Ought to Know About Using Thumb Drives to Improve Mobility

By at 11 September, 2007, 9:46 am

From the folks who bring you InformationWeek comes bMighty.com, a website focused on the IT needs of small and midsize business. Since I’m always on the lookout for useful technology sites, I checked out bMighty.com when I received the announcement that it been launched.  The primary question that I always face when exploring these websites is will there be any useful information for lawyers on this new site? I’m happy to report that for bMighty.com, the answer appears to be yes.

 With sections on tech news, reviews, storage and other technology information, I read through several articles and came across Put Your USB Drive To Work: 5 Strategies For Going Mobile : the post provides information on a number of very useful tips for using your USB thumb drive to help improve your mobility. Authored by Serdar Yegulalp of InformationWeek, the article focuses on five ways to use your USB thumb drive to improve your mobility. According to Yegulalp:

Because so many things are possible, people new to the idea of using USBrives to work on the go sometimes get a little lost. What kinds of on-the-go work can you specifically do with a USB drive, and why? To that end, I've assembled five basic ways you can use your USB drive on the go in more effective ways:

* How to use applications without installing anything on the host mach

* How to run a standalone operating system from a USB drive.

* How to maintain a standalone (and secure) password repository

* How to synchronize data between two or more computers

* How to encrypt your data so that it's safe to carry it around with you.

The article provides concrete examples that are actually useful and then provide the links to the utilities mentioned. I especially like the section on using TrueCrypt,to encrypt and protect that confidential information that you may have stored on.

This post is definitely worth saving as it contains using their USB thumb drives to increase their mobility and efficiency.

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