Happy Clients make for Happy Lawyers – 10 things you can do.

By at 16 November, 2007, 9:00 am

We all love happy clients – they refer new business to us and also come back when they need future legal work. With existing clients, it's easier than with new clients as you have an established relationship; but how do you make new clients happy?

In September of this year John Remsen, Jr. published Ten Golden Rules to Make Your New Client Happy in LawPractice Today. His article contains some great suggestions that everyone can benefit from. Number 3 on his list is:


3) Establish Your Client’s Expectations and Then Exceed Them

Walk your client through how you propose to handle the matter and what he/she can expect in terms of results and timelines. Create a reasonable set of expectations and do your best to beat them. If you discover you are unable to meet your commitments or the results are not likely to be what you anticipated, share that information with the client as soon as possible. In almost all cases, you will be forgiven.

The other 9 are just as insightful and it's a quick read for information that can benefit your practice in building a great relationship with new clients. 




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