Marketing – it's not a dirty word.

By at 21 November, 2007, 2:30 pm

We all would like to think that clients will come to us without our having to do anything more than do a good job and the work will come in all by itself. Unfortunately, that's not the case.Building and maintaining a practice takes work which includes, dare I say it, marketing.

Say the "M" word, and it conjures up marketing plans, hours of work, lots of money and staff time. But it doesn't have to be that way. Long time legal marketer Terrie S. Wheeler lays out what she considers to be marketing best practices in her ABA LPM Law Practice Today article Low Cost, High Impact Strategies to Market Your Law Practice – Even If You Only Have Five Minutes!

Terrie believes that there are four pillars to marketing:



*   Retaining and Growing Relationships with Existing Clients – At least 70% of next year’s revenue will come from your base of existing clients and contacts. Don’t overlook them!

* Attracting New Clients and Developing New Business – Know the criteria of your best clients and referral sources (A-level people). What traits and characteristics do they have in common? Then, proactively seek to develop new relationships and business opportunities with these individuals and companies.

* Increasing Name Recognition and Awareness – In order to hire or refer you, people must know who you are. Focus on increasing your personal name recognition in the marketplace through public relations, community and association involvement.

* Utilizing Targeted and Effective Communications – Know what makes you unique as a lawyer, then capitalize on your skills and communicate timely, relevant information to your contacts and clients.

In her article she takes these four pillars and spells out what she believes are the best practices for you under each. She recommends that you keep a copy of these on your desk and strive to implement just one a day. What do you have to lose?


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