Getting Started in eCommerce Information.

By at 26 December, 2007, 12:51 pm

If you have clients that are looking to get started in ecommerce or online sales, then the ABA’s new website should be one of the first places they visit. According to the introduction for the site:

“ offers a resource for business people launching ecommerce enterprises and for businesses venturing into online sales. First-time entrepreneurs and established small to medium-sized business expanding their horizons should find helpful information on this site about selling goods and services online.”

Providing information on a wide range of topics, readers can find basic information on Products and Services, Warranties and Online Sales, Taxes, and more. The site generally provides an overview of the topic area and a national perspective, while pointing out state specific information in many instances.

This site is not only helpful for your clients, but can serve as a useful primer for the attorney who is also looking to gain basic knowledge in this growing area of commerce.

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