All Chairs Are Created Equal – Or Are They?

By at 11 June, 2008, 10:00 am

There was an old joke among horse cavalry troopers after long rides which was they had gone 40 miles in the saddle with Major Assburns. I feel the same way when I have to sit for long periods of time in a cheap desk chair or one that was built for looks rather than function. In my old office I used a Steelcase Managers chair and still have it in one of my home offices. I've talked to people that love their Herman Miller Aeron chairs, but  whenever I tried one, I couldn't seem to ever get comfortable. A good chair is important since you spend so much of your day sitting in it. Another truth about good task seating – it isn't cheap. Good qaulity seating for your desk will set you back hundreds of dollars (you can easily spend a $1,000.00 or more), but think about it: aren't you worth it? And if you've bought a mattress lately, what did you pay? And you may actually spend more time in your chair then your bed).

Here is an interesting post on Choosing a Home Office Task Chair from Apartment Therapy  describing the author's search for a new task chair for long period use. While the article is about the search for a home office chair, the underlying thoughts are just as applicable to the office as well. 

The bottom line to this is that if you are comfortable, you will get more work done and be less stressed at the end of the day compared to sitting in an uncomfortable chair. 



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