What every lawyer needs to know about air travel today!

By at 11 July, 2008, 8:30 am

For lawyers who are required to travel due to their type of practice or even lawyers who are travelling for leisure, trying to navigate the rocks and shoals of rules, regulations, restrictions and “convenience charges” can be rough sailing. There are a number of websites that can assist with selecting flights such as Kayak  or AirfareWatchdog  or SmarterTravel , or determining if the seat you’ve selected is a good one at Seatguru . But how do you figure out checked bag fees, fees to rebook flights, selecting your seat in advance, in flight snacks charges? SmarterTravel, AirfareWatchdog and Seatguru have teamed up to create the “Ultimate Guide to Airline Fees” which you can read about here and download the PDF here:

While it doesn’t cover every airline (for those of us in Wisconsin, Midwest is noticeably absent), it does cover most of the major carriers as well as JetBlue and Southwest.

Once you have your air and hotel booked, visit TripIt to consolidate all of your travel information into a concise travel summary. You may also want to bookmark the FAA website in case you have questions about approved carry on items, information on airports and airport traffic.

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