13 Free Backup Tools

By at 14 October, 2008, 9:40 am

As attorneys, we have an obligation to safeguard our clients property which includes the files that we create for our clients. However, to too many attorneys, backing up important critical data is an afterthought at best or completely overlooked at worst. Some of the issues I often hear is that backups are too complicated, the software costs too much money (especially if they're running a small network) , or they just don't have the time. While there a number of commercial and shareware products available at reasonable prices, even these reasonable prices may be too much for even the most “frugal” of our fellow attorneys. So for those of you looking for free solutions, the folks at downloadsquad.com have provided a list of 13 Great Free Backup Programs For Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The utilities on the list include backup utilities with integrated burning capability (so you can burn to a CD or DVD as well as a .zip file). The offerings even include enterprise-level backup utilities that run on multiple operating systems. So if you've been making excuses not to backup your important client information, please take the time to review this list of utilities to see if one of them may be of use if you don't already have a solution in your office. Thanks to Daily Rotation for the original link.

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