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I wrote about the Outlook utility SimplyFile from TechHit software in my October/November Product Watch  column of the ABA Law Practice Magazine. SimplyFile has become one of my indispensible utilities and I use it every time I open Outlook. TechHit makes a number of other Outlook utilities including EZDetach which has also turned out to be an extremely valuable tool.

Outlook has a number of terrific features, but attachment handling isn’t one of them. Even with recent changes that provide for a larger PST file size, storing messages with attachments is contra-indicated long term storage. While we often can’t remember the name of a file we saved to our hard drives, we may remember the name of the person who sent it to us and search Outlook to see if we saved the message. The problem is that if you remove the message from Outlook, finding the message will not be of much help, If you keep the attachment with the message, your Outlook PST file will start to expand and at some point blow up. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to save the attachment to your hard drive and get it out of your Outlook PST file but still be able to find it if you go to the email message? That’s exactly what EZDetach helps you accomplish.

According to the EZDetach web page, some of the features include:

* Integrated with Outlook for one-click access.

* Easily save attachment(s) from one or multiple messages (or folders) with a mouse click.

* Flexible and customizable attachment file and subfolder naming.

* Optionally remove attachments. Link messages to the removed attachments without losing the attachment indicator (paper clip).

* Optionally remove detached files when messages linking to them are deleted.

* Works on Exchange Public Folders, Contacts, Calendar, Meeting requests, etc.

* Access "unsafe" attachments blocked by the Office security updates (exe, vbs, bat, reg etc). Use at your own risk..

* Optionally delete / remove attachments from messages after saving.

* Print attachments.

* Zip / Unzip attachments on the fly.

* Execute scripts / programs on saved attachments.

Not only can you deal with attachments on an individual basis, but you can also save from multiple messages or even folders at once. Once you save an attachment or attachments with EZDetach, a link is substituted in the Outlook message for the actual file. The link points to attachment saved on your hard drive, but the paperclip icon denoting an attachment remains in with the email message. Using the message save dialog you can:

# Detach Attachments From – if you selected messages, this space will say "Detach attachments from selected messages". If you select a folder, this space will show the folder name and the "Include Subfolders" checkbox.

# Destination Folder – folder where the attachments will be saved. The drop-down box saves the last twenty five folders used. You can either type the folder name, or click "Browse" to choose a folder. Click "Open Folder" button to open the destination folder in File Explorer.

# Options – this button toggles the dialog between advanced and basic views. The advanced view shows all possible options. The basic view shows a streamlined version of the dialog with only a few options. # File Naming – various options that affect how the saved files are called.

# Subfolder Naming – EZDetach can create subfolders under the Destination Folder to group saved messages by sender name, sender domain, date, Outlook folder name or message subject.

# Filter – This option allows you to save attachments which match a certain pattern. The Filter input field accepts space separated words. EZDetach will save only those attachments with file names containing one of the entered words. If the first character of the filter is "!", then EZDetach will save only those attachments, whose names do not match the filter. For example, if you enter ".doc .xls .ppt" (without the quotes), EZDetach will save only Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. If you enter "! .gif .jpg", EZDetach will save only attachments, which are not gif or jpeg images.

# Remove Attachments – delete attachments from the messages after saving.

# Leave a link to the detached files – EZDetach will create a link to the saved and removed attachments. The links look very similar to the attachments, however the names are prefixed with "LinkTo_", and sizes are much smaller. (Compare message sizes before and after).

# Execute – you can specify an application or script to run on the saved files. File name will be passed as the first and only command line parameter to the script. Make sure you specify complete path or add application to the system path.

# Zip – Automatically zip the attachment after saving. (Only if the attachment is not already a zip file).

# Unzip – Automatically unzip the attachment when saving. (Only if the attachment is a zip file).

EZDetach is compatible with Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 and 2007 and can be purchased alone or in a bundle with SImmplyFile or SimplyFile and MessageSave (which allows you to save Outlook emails easily to your client folders on your hard drive or network).

Through the end of November , TechHit is offering of Compujurist and other blogs that are part of the PMA Pipes feed a 10% discount on EZDetach. To take advantage of this special offer To receive a PMA discount, place an order via this link:  The offer expires on November 30th, 2008.

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