Get More out of a Google Search.

By at 15 January, 2009, 10:47 am

Google is a great tool and has a lot of features that, if we took the time to read the documentation, we could find and learn on our own. However, as is too often the case, that would require time we generally don't have so we usually only scratch the surface of its capailities without someone else pointing out features or tips and tricks. Today is no exception.

I'm a reader of gizmo's Tech Support Alert and can usually find something useful on the site. Today is no exception, providing a link to 10 Most Amazing Google Search Tricks  on the Techtracer blog created by Nitin Pai.

I've previously written about using Google to do calculations and currency conversions, but Techtracer points out several other specific search techniques for locating specific document types, images, local weather and more. While you may not have a use for all of these, I'm betting that you may find one or two of them useful. Check them outr for yourself; who knonws – you may learn something new and useful. 

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