Conference calls – kick it up a notch!

By at 14 April, 2009, 11:19 pm

Seth Godin posted about Reinventing the Conference Call on his blog recently and discussed the issues he has with the traditional conference calls. Seth thinks that there should be a chat room in addition to the conference call to encourage participation. He points out several good reasons how adding a chat room can add value to the call and I agree with his points, except one – I think there’s a better solution than paying for one of the chat services he describes if you have 20 or fewer attendees: use a free DimDim account and get public and private chat for up to 20 attendees. In this day of budget cuts, I think that services that combine a number of services into one interface if done properly, can provide more bang for your (ever shrinking) buck.That’s why I like DimDim.

If you’re not worried about having an 800 number to dial into, you can even use the conferencing number that DimDim provides. In additon to the chat features, you also get web conferncing capabiliteis including desktop and presentation sharing and whiteboard. With a DimDim Pro account, you can have up to 100 attendees at a price much less than an equivalent GoToMeeting or Webex account.

Adding desktop sharing and whiteboarding can be of great benefit to lawyers as they discuss strategies or document revisions. it also makes for a more interesting conference call. After all, haven’t we all had enough of boring?

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