Red Gorilla Redux? Why you need to select your online storage company carefully.

By at 20 May, 2009, 8:40 pm

Interesting and timely article from PCWORLD titled Will Your Data Disappear When Your Online Storage Site Shuts Down? The article discusses how some of the glamor may be wearing off the cloud storage mania of recent times. For many of us, this is like Deja Vu with what happened with many ASP's in the Dot.Com bust in the early years of this century, with the poster child being Red Gorilla.

If you're not familiar with the sad story of Red Gorilla and what happened to its customers, you can check out stories like this one from CNETor this one from TechRepublic.

While I advocate the use of online back up as part of a multi-layered backup approach, I would never rely solely on online backup for my critical or irreplaceable files.

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