This is one Worm that the Twitterverse doesn’t want to catch.

By at 1 June, 2009, 1:37 pm

As Twitter becomes more popular with lawyers ( or anyone else for that matter), it becomes a larger target for people with malicious intent to use for their own nefarious purposes. The latest round of attacks has been occurring in the form of a worm which attacks when users click the shortened URLs in a Tweet. 

According to Technibble in its post Best Video! – Yet Another Twitter Worm,  …the worm began compromising the accounts of people who clicked on a link to a video on the domain."  

Firefox users have a tool that can be used to expand these shortened URLs before they're clicked:LongURL Mobile Expander available as a Firefox addon here. Shortened URLs expand once the addon is installed.

However, use of this tool isnt'a cure since you need to know that the URL is in fact a bad site for it to be truly useful, but it's a start. At the minimum, you have a better idea of where the link is taking you before you click. Unfortunately, it only appears to work within Firefox, so if you use TweetDeck (or one of the other Twiiter readers) as your primary reader, you're out of luck.

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