Power on the Go: Ecosol POWERSTICK – Don’t run out of power when you need it most.

By at 26 June, 2009, 10:21 am

For those of us that are constantly on the go, trying to achieve the right mix of mobile accessories is a constant challenge. Of course none of our battery operated accessories such as our our notebook computer, smart phone, wireless headset, MP3 player and other portable devices use the same charger or connector which can make keeping weight down extremely difficult. My method of dealing with this has been to try and select devices that can be charged from the USB ports on my notebook so all I have to carry is the notebook power brick and a number of cables. But what about when you are actually traveling and you don't have access to your notebook to charge that dying smart phone, music player or other device?

My friend Courtney Kennady, Practice Management Advisor of the South Carolina Bar Association, recently shared with her fellow PMA's a link to David Pogue's June 25, 2009 article What’s in Pogue’s Travel Bag? . In this article, David discusses what he keeps in his bag when he is traveling. One really interesting piece of technology was the USB POWERSTICK by Ecosol

David writes:

It's a tiny universal gadget charger, looks like a flash drive, that draws its power from my laptop's USB jack. You equip it with the charging tip you need–I use it for my cellphone.

Why? Because it's much smaller than my actual phone charger; it lets me leave the real charger plugged it at home; and, best of all, the PowerStick itself also stores a second charge, so I can do another recharge in the field, without the laptop. (A "fuel gauge" display on the side lets you know how full it is.)

The intriguing thing about this gadget isn't the fact that it can charge your device from a USB port (I can already do that with my cable and notebook) or the fact that it weighs a mere 3.2 ounces,  but that it STORES  SECOND CHARGE! As a new Palm Pre owner(which rapidly eats through a battery charge with heavy use) I can easily carry a booster charge for it without the need of plugging into my notebook or a wall charger. But the POWERSTICK isn't limited to just one device, with the correct tip, you can recharge potentially all of your mobile devices in the event you forget to do so prior to leaving or need extra time to watch that movie on your iPod.

You can get your very own, David Pogue recommended USB POWERSTICK from Amazon.com here for under $60.00. 

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