Fraud for the holidays.

By at 3 September, 2009, 10:12 am

Scammers and con artists continue to become more sophisticated in their methods and have been preying on unsuspecting lawyers and law firms for over a year now. The time just before holidays is fast becoming a preferred period for these nefarious villains to try and hit law firms with their tricks. Our friends at LawPRO Insurance in Toronto, Canada have provided a timely and concise reminder of what this fact and some of the red flags that may indicate you’re being scammed in their Fraud reminder: Fraudsters strike before holiday weekends posting.

According to  LawPRO:

Watch for the common red flags on frauds:

  • Client will be new to your firm

  • Source of referral is unknown or not recognized

  • Client will provide only a cell number

  • Client is in a rush to complete the deal

  • You will be instructed to disburse the funds to a third party

These transactions may involve real estate, collections or other transactional work. They may even deposit funds with you in the form of a check to lesson concerns that you may have. However, when it’s all done and over, your trust fund has been raided and you’re putting your malpractice carrier on notice. While LawPro is in Canada, many of the scenarios and solutions discussed on the resources referenced are applicable here in the US and are valuable to review.

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