Wisconsin Lawyer Learns – If you’re going to Cite, Get it Right

By at 16 October, 2009, 1:42 pm

The ABA Journal has posted an interesting story about an unnamed Wisconsin lawyer fined for getting a case citation wrong.  The citation appeared in a footnote in a brief to the Court of Appeals; however, not only did the cited case not support the proposition put forth in the footnote, it wasn’t even the right citation.

The Court expressed it’s displeasure in a footnote to its decision which said:.

Different name, different citation, different district (District IV) but, as promised, unpublished

The Court further expressed its displeasure by fining the lawyer $100.00.


The lawyer could have saved him or herself some grief if they would have used the WI Caselaw search on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s website. The WI Caselaw search is just one of the Legal Research Tools found on the State Bar’s Legal Research Tools Page which also includes access to Fastcase legal research(free for State Bar of Wisconsin members), access to Court of Appeals and Wisconsin Tax Appeals Commission decisions and Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission awards. Users can also take advantage of the Google Search Appliance deployed in 2009 to improve searching the more than 1/2 million pages of information on the State Bar’s website.

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