Law firms and Social Networking: A cautionary Post

By at 8 December, 2009, 2:14 pm

Kevin O'Keefe of Real Lawyers have Blogs and Lexblog has a thought provoking post titled   Law firms should beware social media snake oil   that points out when dealing with the plethora of so called legal social networking 'experts' you needn't check you common sense at the door. His post builds on one from Business Week and adds a legal bent to the pints made.

Kevin brings out in the open something that many of us have thought (or feared) but haven't said anything about:

Bloggers, reporters, and conference coordinators are getting their social media expertise from people who practiced law briefly, if at all. The 'experts' often have never run a law firm or played any significant role in a law firm's management. That's nuts.

Who are these so called 'experts'? What is their background? More importantly, how have the improved the bottom line of a firm using their techniques for social networking? We've seen similar issues over the years with other 'experts' and 'consultants' in the legal world. So don't be afraid to question the 'expert'. Get them to provide you with specifics sa to the who, what why and how for their plan. And by all means, get the names of other clients of theirs and talk to them in detail before you sign on with any of them

Kevin's post was also a topic of discussion on the LinkedIn Legal Blogging group where I first saw it recommended by Claire Chapman so hat tip to Claire for commenting on this one.If you haven't joined the LinkedIn Legal Blogging group, consider it and read Claire's and the others comments on this post.

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