LexisNexis February 2010 Coffee Break Webinars Announced

By at 9 February, 2010, 3:37 pm

LexisNexis offers monthly webinars on a variety of topics suitable for both Lexis users and non-users alike. Here are the webinars for February 2010, just click the links and select the Upcoming Events tab.

Global Climate Change Law: New Implications for Businesses, Attorneys and Clients
Tuesday, February 23
3:00‐3:20pm EST
How do new federal and state climate change regulations and legislation impact your practice, your
business and your clients’ businesses? In this 20‐minute Webinar, Bradley Marten, Managing Partner
of the Seattle based law firm Marten Law PLLC, introduces the LexisNexis Global Climate Change
Special Pamphlets—a new series of publications designed to help you understand the latest
developments in climate change legislation, regulation and case law—with special emphasis on the
implications for corporations, attorneys and clients. Find out how this new series, written by
members of the American College of Environmental Lawyers (ACOEL), can help you:
• Prepare sound strategies for dealing with climate change—with complete and up‐to‐date legal
analysis of federal and state statutory and case law
• Receive regulatory compliance guidance from experts in the fields of environmental law and
climate change
• Understand the implications of climate change on a wide range of practice areas—environment,
energy, real estate, insurance, transportation and others
• How to plan for the changes ahead!
Register now: www.lexisnexis.com/CBPFeb10

Minimizing Financial Risk with LexisNexis® Public Records
Wednesday, February 24
12:00‐12:20pm EST
Learn how to minimize your client’s or company’s financial risk by utilizing the powerful tools and
resources of LexisNexis Public Records. You’ll learn how to unearth hidden connections among
people and businesses that you can’t easily find through other providers or the open Web. Find out
how LexisNexis Public Records can help you to:
• Conduct due diligence more effectively
• Locate witnesses, business owners and elusive parties
• Gather competitive intelligence and track assets
• Reveal business liabilities, foreclosures, judgments, liens and UCCs
• Access public records on more than 450 million unique persons
• Identify 150 million unique businesses and 2,013 tax assessor counties
• Uncover Tax ids/FEIN numbers
• And more!
Register now: www.lexisnexis.com/CBPFeb10

Net Operating Losses: Research How to Make Them Your Gain
Wednesday, February 24
3:00‐3:20pm EST
Due to the dramatic downturns in the economy, corporations of all sizes across all industries have
sustained losses on an historic scale. Find out how you can stay on top of an ever‐changing and
extremely complex series of laws and administrative rules in order to properly advise your clients or
company. In this 20‐minute Webinar, learn how to ensure that you are aware of the latest
developments on net operating losses and access information that will help you to manage these
losses. Topics covered include:
• Rules for determining the amount of net operating loss
• Rules for governing how to carry back and carry forward unused net operating losses
• How to utilize net operating losses acquired from other companies via mergers and acquisitions
• The varying state tax law rules on net operating losses—and whether they conform with federal
• And much more!
Register now: www.lexisnexis.com/CBPFeb10

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