Young Lawyers and Technology: A Paradigm Shift?

By at 15 April, 2010, 12:23 pm

Ernie Svenson of Ernie the Attorney blog recently wrote in Watching the Digital Detectives: The Arrival of Next-Generation Legal Skills  about how current law students are making better use of technology and in ways that don't come naturally to those of us who've been in practice since the late 19080's and 1990's.My observations are in line with Ernie's: current law students and recent graduates and lawyers embrace technology to a much greater degree than those of us who are older and do a better job of leveraging it in most instances. Not only that, they are using it in ways to find information and represent their clients more efficiently. While many attorneys that I help still struggle with a cellphone and internet research, young lawyers are using their smart phones for legal research, communications and managing their lives and practices. To stay relevant, older attorneys and those not as comfortable with technology must overcome their fears and adapt to the new reality lest they go the way of the buggy whip and horse drawn carriage.

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