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At the annual meeting of the National Association of Bar Executives in August,  I presented a session on Windows 7 along with Catherine Sanders Reach of the ABA Legal Technology Resource Center and Jim Calloway,  Director of the Oklahoma Bar Association's Management Assistance Program.  As part of that presentation, we thought it would be helpful to provide links to Windows 7 resources that covered things from pre-upgrade checklists to resources for using Windows 7 after installation. We have found these links to to be very helpful in making the switch to this terrific new operation system and hope that you will as well.
Get Ready…
Windows 7: Upgrade Checklist from PCWorld
Ten Things IT Professionals Should Know About Windows 7 from MS TechNet
The Most Common Windows 7 Compatibility Issues from
Should You Upgrade to Windows 7 from
Upgrading to Windows 7: Steps & Checklist from 
10 things you need to know about Windows 7 from NetworkWorld

Get Set!
Windows Client TechCenter from MS Technet
Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration Guide from MS TechNet
Windows 7: A Complete Survival Guide from PCWorld
Deploying Windows 7 from A to Z from MS TechNet
How to Turn On Super Administrator Account in Windows 7 from WebTalk
How To Choose Between 32-bit & 64-bit Windows 7 Operating Systems from
How To Upgrade From XP To Windows 7 In 4 Easy Steps from

77 Windows 7 Tips from MS TechNet
7 Windows 7 Registry Hacks from ExtremeTech
20 Windows 7 quick tips and tricks for IT admins from InfoWorld
Manage The Windows Firewall Better With Windows 7 Firewall Control from
175 Windows 7 Tweaks, Tips, and How-To Articles from How-To Geek
20 Windows 7 Tweaks & Tips – Every Secret uncovered to date from MaximumPC
Windows 7 tips & tricks, tweaks, downloads from
67 Windows 7 tips, tricks and secrets from

Everything But the….
Windows 7: The Complete Guide from GIZMODO
Lifehacker's Complete Guide to Windows 7 from LifeHacker
Windows 7 Product guide from Microsoft
Windows 7 Review Guide from ZDNET
Windows 7: The Missing Manual from O'Reilly Books

Can You Do This?
Win 7 Library Tool from PCWorld
Five Best Windows 7 Tweaking Applications from Lifehacker
7plus Tweaks Windows 7 With Shortcuts, Uploads to FTP in Single Stroke from Lifehacker
Top 16 Windows 7 Gadgets for System Monitoring from
Windows 7 Gadgets from WINDOWS7GADGETS

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