How do you squeeze more into a RT? Use a RT taxonomy.

By at 14 November, 2011, 12:00 am

Corresponding in 140 character messages can be a challenge not only for the person who tweets, but also for those that want to retweet the original message either in endorsement, disagreement or a simple "check this out."   Bruce Carton of Legal Blog Watch suggested that twitter users adopt a taxonomy for retweets in his recent post The 'RT Taxonomy': Creating Different Flavors of Retweets detailing a suggestion by Ontario lawyer and blogger Antonin Pribetic, (who pens The Trial Warrior Blog) in this tweet . Pribetic suggests using a taxonomy of the existing RT (which designates a retweet) plus an additional symbol to convey one of several possible meanings.My good friend Dan Pinnington wrote further on this in his Slaw post of November 10, 2011 Saying More with Fewer Characters: A Modest Proposal for a Twitter RT Taxonomy.  Dan takes Pribetic's proposed taxonomy and extends it a bit to the following:

Thus, as a proposed taxonomy, we now have:

RT+ (agree),
RT- (disagree)
RT? (confusing)
RT± (undecided)
RT* (interesting)
RT! (a must read)
RT~ (original tweet was edited)
RT:) (a happy tweet)
RT:( (a sad tweet)

Carton suggests adding: 

RT;) (sarcasm)
RT:o (unbelievable)
RTv (vanity/self-promotion)

These seem to make sense and anything that can help me reduce the number of characters is appreciated. To add these special characters, you can use the Insert Symbol menu option or use Unicode characters. You can find lists of Unicode characters on Wikipedia here; The Unicode Consortium here ; and from Andrea Kalli here.

You can use a keystroke combination (see the character lists see above), or to copy and paste in Windows 7, go to Start > All programs > Accessories > System Tools > Character Map and find the character you want. Then use the Copy button and then paste it into your tweet.

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