Untagging yourself on Facebook

By at 10 December, 2012, 10:54 am

Great article from my friend Dan Pinnington at LawPRO in Toronto on  How to untag yourself on Facebook (and why you might want to) . This is definitely something that all Facebook users need to understand and know how to do. As Dan says in his article:

Even well-meaning friends might tag you in unflattering photos or mention you in comments you’d rather not see shared with a large audience. If you’re not happy with a post you’re tagged in, you should take steps to remove the tag or the post. 

Make sure you understand how Facebook tagging works and actively monitor status updates that you are tagged in. This can help preserve your online reputation in the event embarrassing or damaging content about you is posted on Facebook.

In the immortal words of Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold)  in Fast Times at Ridgemont high "Learn it. Know it. Live it."
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