Best Practice: Ask your Clients how you Did

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I've long been an advocate of surveying your clients on how you did when you complete their representation. My friends at AttorneyatWork  recently carried an article from Josh Lenon, an attorney and Director of Communications at Clio on this very topic. Josh reinforces what most of us that advise lawyers and firms already know – most firms don't ask for client feedback on how they did.

According to Josh's article:

It’s true. A report by Martindale-Hubbell found that 52 percent of law firms surveyed did not seek formal feedback from their clients. Among the firms that did not seek feedback, 59 percent said it was “not a priority” for the firm’s leadership. In addition, 38 percent said they had “insufficient staff or resources” to obtain feedback.

That last number is surprising. Client feedback can be easily and cheaply obtained. In fact, the report found that among the firms that did seek feedback, 64 percent invested less than 5 percent of their firm’s marketing budget to get feedback. Low-cost online services, like Wufoo and SurveyMonkey, let users design their own surveys and even handle collecting and collating data from those surveys.

One free service that Josh didn't mention is Google Forms. You can create an online survey using a Form that places the resutls in a Google Spreadsheet.  It's easy to use and free. You can find step-by-step instructions on how to do this here and a video here.

These surveys can also act as client development and relationship tools and are a best practice for running your office successfully. Josh provides useful insights into how surveying your clients can benefit your practice including repeat business. And I agree whole heartidly with his final comment that the last question you ask your client is “How did I do?

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