Authorities capture Cryptolocker passwords – if you’ve been hit you need to read this story.

By at 6 August, 2014, 10:30 am

Keyboard and scopeSince late 2013 an insidious program that encrypts a users computer and then holds it for ransom unless the victim pays Hundreds  of dollars by Bitcoin has been spreading throughout the globe. Cryptolocker and its variants have become the bane of computers users worlwide.Once infected, users had 72 hours to pay the ransom or the price went up; however, even paying the ransom was no guarantee of getting a valid decryption key. The only other option that worked was to restore from a protected backup, which too many people didn't have. BBC news is reporting in its story Cryptolocker victims to get files back for free that security experts were able to infiltrate and capture the database of victims. If you are afflicted with Cryptolocker it may now be possible to get the decryption key needed to restore their files according to this story.

In further news, ZDNet is carrying a story about a service that can help users decrypt their files as well. In FireEye, Fox-IT launch free service to combat Cryptolocker ransomware,   ZDNET details this new free service to help those infected by Cryptolocker. One caveat to both of these stories is the fact that there are variants to Cryptolocker an so nether of these solutions may work in every instance. However, if you have been caught by Cryptolocker, this at least gives you a fighting chance to recover your data. The moral to this story is that you need good backups of at least all of your data done on a regular basis that you can recover from. This means that you also need to make sure you can recover from your backups which is done by doing test restorations not just clicking the verify backup option in your backup software.

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