Disable Get Windows 10 Icon and Prevent Your System from Automatically Upgrading to Windows 10 With GWX Control Panel

By at 14 March, 2016, 1:50 pm

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Microsoft, I like Windows 10 but the way you are trying to force it on every Windows user leaves me cold. For those of you that are not aware of what is happening, Microsoft has taken a number of steps to, in my opinion, trick users into upgrading to Windows 10. These actions vary from installing Windows 10 upgrades files on a computer without a user's knowledge, force installing a popup that tells users they can upgrade to Windows 10 now or later but no option to not upgrade at all (the trick is to use the "x" close icon in the top right of the popup window when this happens) or that installs a Get Windows 10 icon that sits in your system tray.  Luckily there is an answer  – a handy utility called GWX Control Panel. 

GWX Control Panel is a free utility that not only removes the Get Windows 10 icon from your computer but can also remove Windows 10 installation files and prevent them from being downloaded in the first place. GWX Control Panel is provided by the Ultimate Outsider blog and you can find download and usage information here.  Take some time to read the instructions to get the most out of this handy utility. Also be advised that Microsoft is actively working to prevent utilities like this from working so you may need to update the utility in the future as Microsoft works to circumvent its abilities.

I really like Windows 10, but I am disappointed in and do not care for Microsoft's methods in trying to force everyone to move to their new Operating System. These tactics are distasteful in the least and honestly, not just a bit underhanded in the opinion of many in the technology industry. 


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