Firms Turning to Open Source Alternatives for Web Site Design & Management

By at 8 December, 2010, 4:03 pm

My friend Larry Bodine has a great article on firms turning away from custom content management systems for their websites and turning to free and open source solutions for website design and content management. While Larry specifically talks about Drupal, one of the comments to his post also mentions Joomla and WordPress (which is the platform that Compujurist uses).


Do You Know What to Do if You or a Client are Attacked on the Web?

By at 29 July, 2010, 10:09 am

If you’ve ever had to try and get someone who is posting your materials on their site without permissioin or someone who has posted malicious information on the web dealt with, it can be a confusing and daunting task. The Law Technology News Daily alert email has a link to How to Protect Client Reputation From Web Attacks which provides a nice overview of things to do including the absolute need to use the complaint procedure of the hosting site.


Hey, job applicant and employees – don’t forget your wall!

By at 21 July, 2010, 7:00 am

Here’s some advice for both job applicants and employers doing the interviewing – don’t forget social networking sites! There have been a number of stries over the past 18 months about job applicants who have had potentail job prospects crash and burn after less than thoughtful tweets and Facebook postings. Applicants need to get smarter about how what they tweet and post can impact potential employers and employers need to understand the world of social media.


Do Lawyers Need A “Stupid” Stamp: Think Before You Post Online To Avoid Ethical Pitfalls

By at 12 May, 2010, 11:56 am

The lawyers covered are from across the country and the online vehicles of their self destruction vary from blogs to Facebook to commenting on online news stories. And it’s not just lawyers: Judges are getting caught as well. One of the examples involves, I’m sorry to say, an Assistant Public Defender from my home county of Winnebago, Illinois, who was posting about her clients and their cases in very free and open language. Or how about Chicago immigration lawyer Samir “Sam” Chowhan who advertised for an assistant on Carigslist that also included having sex with him as part of the job duties.


Marketing Tip: Give visitors something to “take away” from your blog.

By at 1 February, 2010, 8:00 am

Everyone likes to get free information and your blog or website is a great way to help with your marketing efforts