Marketing Tip: Give visitors something to “take away” from your blog.

By at 1 February, 2010, 8:00 am

Everyone likes to get free information and your blog or website is a great way to help with your marketing efforts


Marketing Tip: Get on the Web

By at 25 January, 2010, 8:00 am

Every firm or solo should have a website or blog (or both) but make it more than a “brochure.”


Marketing Tip: The look of your brochures and other marketing is important

By at 7 December, 2009, 8:00 am

They don’t have to be four color glossy and professionally photographed and done. However, if it looks less than professional or has typographical errors, you may convey the wrong impression to potential clients.


If you Steal From a Client, Don’t let your Website Domain Lapse.

By at 24 October, 2009, 1:17 pm

Perhaps an even worse fate is to take an advanced fee from a client on the same day your license is suspended, cash the check and then advise the client they can pick up their file but make no attempt to return the fee. Then, allow your domain registration to lapse and have the client purchases it. Think about this and the possibilities it presents to someone who has a grudge. This is exactly what happened to former Illinois lawyer Michael E. Marsh.


Marketing Tip: You need your own internet domain name.

By at 19 October, 2009, 8:00 am

While some people don’t mind sending email to an AOL, GMAIL or HotMail account, it lacks a sense of professionalism and indicates to the world that you don’t take modern communication practices seriously (and we won’t even get into the privacy/confidentiality concerns many of us have with the services) .